Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse · Boys JV Lacrosse wins home opener 15-0

0 Spring Valley High School
15 AC Flora High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Spring Valley High School vs AC Flora High School
0 15
1 -   6
2 -   4
3 -   2
4 -   3

On a soft Spring evening, Flora Lacrosse welcomed the Falcon Faithful to the first home games of the season. Recent improvements seem to have resolved footing issues that kept the boys off their home field all of last season. Let’s hope that’s a trend that continues.

After a disappointing preseason scrimmage against Nation Ford, the JV Boys posted impressive road wins in the first two games of the season. Would the magic continue on their own turf?

There’s one easy way to find out….


Fast starts have been the Junior Varsity’s early calling card, and tonight would be no different. ACF sends Charlie McBabe out for the opening face off. Despite being outsized, Charlie’s speed, skill, and tenacity forced a ground ball that’s picked up by William DeLong who sends it upfield to Zach Owens.

In the blink of an eye, Zach slices through Spring Valley defenders and slams home an unassisted goal to start the scoring.

Flora up 1-0.

McBabe fights through the second face off and forces another ground ball that’s scooped up by Mateo Smith. As the Falcons Offense works the ball around the perimeter, Zach Owens finds Andrew Tucker cutting through the defenders. Owens hits Tucker with a quick pass. Andrew zips in ACF’s 2nd goal in as many tries.

Flora leads 2-0.

Spring Valley grabs a ground ball off the face off and goes on fast attack. Winding up on the left side, the Viking attack unleashes a bullet. In the crease, Connor Condon is ready and blocks the shot.

Condon circles the goal as a Viking attack gives chase. The Keeper looks to clear upfield. And showing nifty ball control, he avoids a trail check and slings it across midfield to Tucker. Andrew slants across the middle and shoots, but it sails wide.

The next ball goes to Owens whose shot is deflected out. Spring Valley snags a loose ball but relinquishes possession on a Failure to Advance call. With a quick step, Michael Balthazar curls around from the right side, but his shot bounces wide.

The Falcons reset their offense, swinging the ball to the top of the perimeter. Hank Overbay tries his hand, fighting through the middle. His shot is just wide of the goal.

Keeping possession, Flora works the ball inside, where the Vikings’ defense force a ground ball. Fortunately for ACF, an alert Bo Morris scoops the loose ball and scores in one swift move.

Flora’s lead is now 3-0

McCabe is on fire tonight Falconz Fanz, forcing another ground ball. Spring Valley grabs this one and moves on offense.

The Vikings set up an attack from the right side. But they telegraph a pass across the middle that Condon intercepts. He sends a long clear upfield to Balthazar. Michael leads a fast break and fires a wicked shot that gets deflected. Tucker picks up the loose ball and zips it past the goalie for another score.

Falcons lead 4-0

Forcing another ground ball at the face off, ACF continues to dominate time of possession. The offense works the perimeter. Balthazar shoots but is wide.

Spring Valley gains possession and races on offense only to be met by a solid wall of Falcon defenders. Viking attacks probe but struggle to find an opening in Flora’s harassing defense. They take a shot, but Condon makes another save. He juggles the ball momentarily but manages to keep control. A Viking defender briefly disrupts ACF’s rhythm, knocking down the Keeper’s pass, and players from both squads scramble for the loose ball. Flora grabs possession and calls time out.

[TO @ 2:25 – Q1: 4-0]

As play resumes, Bo Morris races upfield and passes to an attack on the left. Spring Valley knocks it down. And after exchange possession, Flora switched back to attack mode. Tucker takes a shot from left side. Viking defenders tip the ball – straight to Morris who bounces it in the goal.

Flora improves on its lead: 5-0

McCabe continues to dazzle, forcing yet another ground ball. Flora snags it and works the perimeter. Andrew Tucker spots an opening and fires one home, for an early hat trick.

Flora leads 6-0

Spring Valley takes the last face off of the quarter. The smothering Falcons’ defense turns away the Viking attack but can’t advance past midfield before horn sounds ending the First Quarter.

[End of Q1] Flora 6 – Spring Valley 0

Spring Valley takes a ground ball at face off to start 2nd period. Our defense collapses into the passing lanes, and the Vikings struggle to find an opening.

ACF’s swarming defense forces a loose ball as the scrum inches towards the goal. Condon stretches for it, but the ball is just beyond his stick. Sensing a potential opening in front of the goal, the Viking attack is a tad too aggressive and gets flagged for stepping into the crease.

ACF quickly reverses fortune. On a fast break, Tucker sails past the Viking defense for an unassisted score.

Flora goes up 7-0

The Falcons take another face off and go to work on offense once again. Working the ball on the outside, an errant shot flies wide, but ACF keeps possession. On the next play, a Viking D-pole is flagged for an illegal push. Flora moves the ball around the horn with a 30 second man-up advantage. They fail to convert the power play and turn it over to Spring Valley.

But Flora maintains a strong defense and force another turnover before the Vikings can take a shot. In the confusing transition, the Flacons have possession but are off-side, sparking a hail of warnings from coaches and teammates.

Nevertheless, the Zebras miss ACF’s infraction. The Falcons’ bench calls time out, preserving possession at the 6:32 mark in the quarter.

As play resumes, Zach Owens takes a pass from Fletcher Winegard. He swings around a defender and fires a shot, stretching Flora’s lead to 8.

Flora leads 8-0

On the ensuing face off, Robert “Honey Badger” Hodges picks up the ground ball. He flashes past defenders and fires home nifty shot for an unassisted score.

Flora’s ahead 9-0

Dominating TOP, Flora works the perimeter on offense. Spring Valley disrupts the passing lanes and picks up a turnover. The Vikings streak upfield on a fast break but lose possession when an errant pass bounces out of bounds.

Returning to offense, ACF passes upfield. Hank Overbay cuts past defenders and bounces a shot in for another Falcon score.

ACF is now up 10-0

Forcing yet another ground ball, crappy Andrew McCabe snaps it up himself only to be flattened by a Viking as the Zebras gaze upfield. Undaunted, Charlie manages to maintain control and avoid the “slice and dice” defense – all from a prone position! He flips the ball to a passing teammate and inspects the reconditioned turf up close.

Spring Valley has the ball for the final few seconds of the half. But Flora’s defense once again closes ranks, refusing to allow their opponent to even take a shot as the second quarter ends.

[Halftime: Flora – 10 and Spring Valley – 0]


McCabe takes another face off via ground ball. Flora moves the ball around the perimeter. Hudson takes a pass on the right side, gives head fake, and cuts inside the frozen D-pole. Jack lets loose a low shot and registers the first goal of the second half.

Flora extends the lead: 11-0

Will Rambo takes a turn at face off and keeps things going in Flora’s favor. Continuing on offense, the Falcons move the ball to X and back up top. They take a couple of missed shots but keep possession. Reloading once again, Mateo Smith takes a pass from Hudson and fires from the left side for goal.

Flora’s up: 12-0

Spring Valley takes over on offense. The works ball around the horn but can’t find an opening to shoot. Flora’s defense turns up the pressure, forcing a turnover. The Falcons are unsuccessful on the offensive end, and Spring Valley flips the field.

Flora scrambles back but is called for off-sides, giving the Vikings another 30 second power play opportunity. This time, Ben Chapman is in the goal and makes two outstanding saves as Spring Valley fails to capitalize on the man up advantage.

The teams trade possession, and Flora goes on offense but can’t get ball close enough for a shot before horn sounds ending the period.

[End of Q3] Flora 12 – Spring Valley 0


Flora continues to dominate time of possession. With the margin 12 goals, the Zebras instruct the clock keeper to let it run throughout the period.

Three minutes in, Tilden Atkins finds an opening and scores.

Flora stretches the lead 13-0

The Vikings go on offense. But the Flora defense again shuts down the passing lanes, denying Spring Valley cutters anything approaching a clean shot.

Flora gets the ball and takes off on a fast break. Spring Valley is flagged for a push giving the Falcons a 30 second power play w/3:53 left in the game.

The next ACF shot is wide, and Spring Valley returns to full strength. But not to worry Falkinz Fanz – Thomas Anders finds Tilden Atkins in the middle. Atkins takes the pass and scores.

Flora’s now up 14-0

At the final face off, Honey Badger Hodges grabs the ball and zips a pass to Fletcher Winegard. Fletcher pivots and fires a shot past the goalie for the final score of the game.

Flora extends its lead: 15-0

The Falcons turn back Spring Valley SV’s last possession and head back upfield with the ball. Falcons pass the ball around the horn as the final horn sounds.


AC Flora – 15

Spring Valley – 0

NEXT GAME: Friday, March 13, at White Knoll



William DeLong – 2 Andrew Brumgardt – Alex Koutrakos –
Charlie McCabe – Josh Snell – Will Rambo –
Jack Smith – Daniel Goodwyn – Jake Booker –
Jones Searcy – 1 Hank Overbay – 6 Bo Morris – 2
Andrew Tucker – 7 Michael Balthazor – 2 Henry Hodge –
Jack Hudson – 3 Mateo Smith – 2 Wyatt Rowe –
Zack Owens – 5 Gardner Bankhead – Jonathan Hopkins –
Robert Hodges – 1 Tilden Atkins – 5 Connor Condon –
Fletcher Winegard – 3 Jathniel Codrington – Ben Holms –
Thomas Anders – Hearn Rhodes – 1


William DeLong – Andrew Brumgardt – Alex Koutrakos –
Charlie McCabe – Josh Snell – Will Rambo –
Jack Smith – Daniel Goodwyn – Jake Booker –
Jones Searcy – Hank Overbay – 1 Bo Morris – 2
Andrew Tucker – 4 Michael Balthazor – Henry Hodge –
Jack Hudson – 1 Mateo Smith – 1 Wyatt Rowe –
Zack Owens – 2 Gardner Bankhead – Jonathan Hopkins –
Robert Hodges – 1 Tilden Atkins – 2 Connor Condon –
Fletcher Winegard – 1 Jathniel Codrington – Ben Holms –
Thomas Anders – Hearn Rhodes –


William DeLong – Andrew Brumgardt – Alex Koutrakos –
Charlie McCabe – Josh Snell – Will Rambo –
Jack Smith – Daniel Goodwyn – Jake Booker –
Jones Searcy – Hank Overbay – Bo Morris –
Andrew Tucker – Michael Balthazor – Henry Hodge –
Jack Hudson – 1 Mateo Smith – Wyatt Rowe –
Zack Owens – 1 Gardner Bankhead – Jonathan Hopkins –
Robert Hodges – 1 Tilden Atkins – 1 Connor Condon –
Fletcher Winegard – Jathniel Codrington – Ben Holms –
Thomas Anders – 1 Hearn Rhodes –

Ground Balls

William DeLong – 3 Andrew Brumgardt – Alex Koutrakos – 1
Charlie McCabe – 5 Josh Snell – Will Rambo – 1
Jack Smith – Daniel Goodwyn – Jake Booker –
Jones Searcy – 1 Hank Overbay – 6 Bo Morris – 2
Andrew Tucker – 5 Michael Balthazor – Henry Hodge – 1
Jack Hudson – 2 Mateo Smith – 1 Wyatt Rowe –
Zack Owens – 1 Gardner Bankhead – Jonathan Hopkins – 1
Robert Hodges – 2 Tilden Atkins – 2 Connor Condon –
Fletcher Winegard – 1 Jathniel Codrington – Ben Holms –
Thomas Anders – Hearn Rhodes – 1


Connor Condon – 2
Ben Holms – 3