Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse · Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse beats Hammond School 11 – 2

2 Hammond School
11 AC Flora High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Hammond School vs AC Flora High School
2 11
1 1   5
2 1   3
3 -   2
4 -   1

In the second game back on its refurbished home field, Flora’s JV Boys Lacrosse Team hosts crosstown rival Hammond Academy tonight.


The Falcons send Mason Howard out for the first face off of the night. The big middle does not disappoint, taking control from the opening whistle. Flora’s offense warms up, moving the ball around the perimeter testing the Skyhawks defense.

Running the attack, Duncan Moorman passes to the left side. The ball bounces to Braden Smith who deflects it into the goal for the first score of the contest. 1-0

Howard wins the next face off, and Flora once again shows ball control on offense. Charlie Griffen sends it over to William Hough and picks up an assist as Hough scores the Falcons second goal. 2-0

Howard is dominant tonight, taking his third face off in a row.

Flora whips the ball downfield, and Hough sets the play from behind the Hammond goal. He hits George Gallagher cutting through the defense. George takes the pass and slams it home for a 3-0 Flora lead.

Griffin steps in for the face off and keeps Flora on offense. After threatening again, an errant pass bounces out of bounds. Playing as aggressively as the offense, the Falcon’s defense forces an immediate turnover.

Back down the Flora end, Davidson slides past a Hammond defender and flings it in for an unassisted goal. 3-0

Flora just won’t let Hammond keep the ball long enough to get anything going tonight. The Falcons pass around the perimeter, testing the Skyhawks’ defense. Will Laney slices through an opening for an unassisted goal. 4-0

Pouring it on, Moorman logs another assist, flicking it to Gallagher who notches his second goal of the night. 5-0

Back at center, Howard fights Hammond for a ground ball. Flora maintains control on an offsides call.

Smith tosses it in the goal, but the refs wave it off as a teammate is called for interference. The replay shows he was tied up with a d-pole, but that’s how it goes some nights Falconz Fanz.

Hammond brings it down but loses the handle. Keeper Condon snaps up the ground ball and clears it up the field.

Unfortunately, Hammond manages to force a turnover. A fleet footed attack swings to the right on a fast break and fires one past the Falcon goalie for Hammond’s first score of the night. 5-1


The Falcons continue to dominate at face off. Patiently working the ball around the horn, William DeLong finds an opening and zips one home for a goal. 6-1

Hammond gets the ball downfield but can’t find a seam in the Falcons defensive wall. Possession goes back to Flora, and the Falcons set the play. A couple of shots miss the mark. But Hammond sends the ball out of bounds, giving it right back to Flora.

Laney lets loose another bullet, but this time the Hammond goalie steps in and makes an impressive stop. Finally on offense, a Hammond shot sails past the goal. But an alert Condon sprints to the line and wins possession back for the home team.

After trading missed shots, Hammond is again on offense. But the Falcons-D turns up the heat. Facing unrelenting pressure, Hammond coughs it up, and the Falcons are off and running.

Gallagher has the ball and slices in front of the goal. A d-pole swings at his stick, popping the ball out and into the goal for a score. Sometimes, the LAX gods smile on the boys in red & blue. 7-1

Not backing down, Hammond manages to win the next face off. A couple of passes move the ball on the right side. An attack finds an opening and bounces a shot past Condon for the score. 7-2

The Falcons get back to business on the offensive end. Working the ball around, Laney takes a running shot from the right side that the Hammond goalie snags.

The teams again trade possession with neither scoring. The Falcons set a play from X. Griffin spies Gallagher in the middle. He flicks it to the cutter, and George slams one home for his second goal of the evening. 8-2

Hammond tests the Falcons defense again to no result. Condon scoops up a grounder and clears it. Displaying impressive x-ray vision, the zebras call a pick downfield and give the ball back to Hammond.

Flora’s middies harrass Hammond’s attack until a Hammond trip that doesn’t require x-ray vision returns possession to the Falcons. Flora plays keep away for the last few seconds until the horn sounds signaling halftime.


AC Flora – 8
Hammond – 2


Holding the ball instead of shooting at the end of the 2nd quarter gives Flora possession to start the half. Despite a chilly rain that begins to fall, the Falcons offense isn’t cooling down at all. Moorman finds Gallagher who scores for the hat trick. 9-2

Hammond takes over on offense. But the Falcons-D forces a turnover before they can get a shot off.

Back down the Flora end, our attack fires several shots that miss the mark. But the front line is dominate tonight, and the Falcons keep possession.

With patience and ball control, the offense passes it around until Charlie Griffin fires a laser that hits the goal post and bounces off.

Hammond grabs the ball momentarily. But Gallagher immediately dislodges the Hammond player from the ball, and Flora continues to pass and probe, looking for an opening.

The chilly rain picks up, which (regrettably) seems to be a good luck charm for this JV team.

Hammond manages to pick up a loose ball. But Will Laney draws a bead and rides the middie out of bounds.

The teams trade possession with neither doing harm on offense. Condon scoops a ground ball. But in the rain, he loses the handle and Hammond swarms. Unflustered, the Falcons Keeper recovers and sends clear all the up to Flora’s attack.

Looking for an open teammate, Griffin passes in the middle. The ball bounces off several players and ricochets into the goal. 10-2


After a routine equipment check, Charlie Griffin gets a one minute penalty for a deep pocket violation. Fortunately, that’s one of those infractions that can be fixed during the game. Hammond tries to press the power play, but Condon steps in, stops a hot shot, and clears it.

Hammond wrestles possession back and gets another shot off. But Condon snags the bouncer and sends the Falcons back downfield.

Returning to their ball control offense, Flora patiently swings the ball around the perimeter. Possession swings back and forth until Hammond manages to grab the ball and set up a play.

Apparently unconcerned with the clock, Hammond passes around the perimeter. Falcon d-pole, Flynn Bowie forces a turnover and sprints to midfield before turning the ball it back to our offense.

Errant passing leaves the ball on the ground. They trade possession once again. A Hammond shot passes in front of the goal without threatening.

Returning to Flora offense, Ingram takes a glancing shot that torques his ankle. He hobbles off with some help as the Falcons set up for a play. Hough tries a couple of outside shots, but neither find the goal.

William DeLong takes a turn. From the middle, he slips past a defender and bounces one in for the first score of the quarter. 11-2

Hammond keeps fighting hard, but they can’t manage an uncontested shot. Summoning that x-ray vision once again, Bowie is sent off for a slash by a zebra that none in the home stands managed to see.

No harm Falconz Fanz – the horn sounds ten seconds later, signaling the end of another dominant performance by Flora’s JV Squad.

Follow us to Lexington High School for the boys next contest on Friday night. Game starts at 5:30 pm.


Hammond – 2
AC Flora – 11



Smith – 5
Davidson – 1
Hough – 6
Tucker – 2
Wilson – 1
Ingram – 1
Moorman – 3
Laney – 4
DeLong – 2
Hubbard – 1
Gallagher – 4
Griffin – 5


Smith – 1
Hough – 1
Laney – 1
DeLong – 2
Hubbard – 1
Gallagher – 3


Hough – 1
Moorman – 3
Gallagher – 1
Griffin – 1


Howard – 6
Griffin – 1


Bowie – 2
Smith – 5
Davidson – 3
Hough – 2
Tucker – 1
Condon – 4
Wilson – 1
Ingram – 2
Moorman – 5
DeLong – 1
Gallagher – 1
Griffin – 2
Howard – 3
Rhodes – 1


Condon – 3