Falcons News · Thank You From Coach Kurtz

Dear AC Flora Students, Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Administration, Teachers & Community Members:

I want to thank all of my AC Flora family for the opportunity to serve you as both a teacher and coach.  When I took this job, I didn’t know what to expect.  Thankfully, I was taken in like family by many members of the AC Flora community.  I was given your trust, support and friendship.  AC Flora and Forest Acres very quickly became home to me and it was a pleasure to work with all of your children and many parents and community members.  I have been blessed to grow as a teacher, coach, professional and person during my time at AC Flora.

After much thought and prayers, it is bittersweet that I write to you announcing my resignation from AC Flora and Richland School District One.  This has definitely been one of the toughest decisions of my life.  I have recently been offered a position at Windermere Preparatory School in Orlando, Florida where I can only hope to work and live with people as wonderful as those that I have had the pleasure of spending my time with here in Columbia.  In this position, I will be the school’s Assistant Athletic Director and Director of Athletic Development.  Additionally, I will have the opportunity to develop, implement and oversee a K-12 strategic wellness, strength and conditioning program.

I would like to personally thank every student, athlete, parent, coach, co-worker, administrator and community member that has made these years the best years of my professional career.

To my students and athletes, your 100% support for me and my training programs has made this experience truly special. More importantly, you inspired me to become a better person and better Christian.  I will never forget the 14 state championships we have been a part of in the last six years.  However, just as special as all those championships, is being able to work with and coach the countless students who were scared of the weight room and could barely perform a body weight squat.  To see those students dedicate themselves to our program and watch them grow in their confidence, self-esteem and athletic development is truly something I will always treasure.  Additionally, the 12 state speed and strength meet individual championships we have won through our athletes hard work has been special and will forever be remembered.  Hopefully, your pictures will forever remain on the wall in our weight room!

To the parents and community, your children were all amazing to work with.  Their dedication and interest in embracing the process of becoming the best at getting better made my days and years fly by.  I am leaving here with some amazing memories and connections, not only of my students, but also of all of you.

To all of my fellow coaches and co-workers, you have inspired me to be a lifelong learner and to have a relentless thirst for knowledge.  By being surrounded by all of you, we have been able to cultivate a positive learning environment that inspires all of our students to fight every day to reach their maximum potential. I thank all of you for your tireless support and feel truly blessed for having had the opportunity to work with you. You truly inspired me to be better every single day.

I will miss everyone associated with AC Flora, Richland One, Forest Acres and Columbia, South Carolina and wish you all the very best.  If you or your children ever need me you can contact me at 410-419-8330 or email me at KurtzMicah@gmail.com, and if you’re ever in Orlando please feel free to reach out as I would love to open the weight room for you or meet you for dinner!


Falcon Strength Family Forever,

Micah Kurtz