Unified Falcon Strength · February’s Exercise Spotlight – Hex Bar Deadlift

The deadlift is a staple in all athletic development programs to develop lower body strength, power and the ability to apply force into the ground.  The trap bar or hex bar makes it easier for many athletes to get in a safe position to perform the movement.  Many young athletes do not have the proper mobility to get in the good starting position necessary to perform a safe conventional deadlift with a barbell.  This puts many young athletes at risk of injury when performing the movement. The trap/hex bar decreases a great deal of this risk, allowing more athletes to capture the tremendous benefits of the deadlift exercise without unnecessary risk to their health and sports performance. The number one goal of all strength coaches should be that no harm/injury is incurred to the athlete while in the weight room.

The cues for the Deadlift are:

  1. Your shoulders should be in-line with your knees while you sit your hips back
  2. Make sure your shoulders are pulled back, your chest is up and your back is flat.
  3. Drive your heels into the ground and extend your hips so that you stand straight up
  4. Squeeze your glutes at the top.